1. What is the best time to book for my wedding?

4 months would be the perfect time for you to get the time you need.


2. How much does a full wedding package cost?

The Atelier can customize a package that goes with your budget, so you choose your budget and let us make it happen!


3. Which themes can I have for my wedding?

Any theme you could think of!


4. Are there ready-made wedding packages?

No, we customize a package for you based on your budget.


5. Can I book a themed photo-shoot only, without a wedding reception?

Yes of course you can, a themed photo-shoot could be a good replacement for the wedding reception.


6. How does the process go starting from a meeting to getting to my themed wedding within my budget?

The best time is 4 months however it could also happen during one month only. For more details, ready the Client Regret Policy Section.


7. When is the best time to schedule a meeting?

The best time would be after booking your wedding venue.


8. Can I book a meeting on Saturday?

Saturday is a day off, all meetings should be booked on weekdays during working hours. If you are in a hurry though read about our Express Services.

Client Regret Policy

Acknowledging the importance of customer service, and the scarcity of good customer service in Jordan, along with your right to know, we have developed 17 policies for you to be able to know your rights and the system we are following giving you the power to choose.

We respect your opinions and believe you have the right to make your own choices. We also understand that it might be your first time booking event planning services, and probably you don’t know what you don’t know. We understand that you need to go over all the options and opinions around you. These regulations are to acknowledge your rights and options when deciding to choose our services.

Please read 17 points below before signing.


Client Regret Policy (A)

First Meeting


1. The first party have the right to have a first 1 hour consultancy meeting before signing the contract.

2. During this meeting the first party will Acknowledge second party’s true needs and aspirations, and finally second party’s priorities, preparing the second party to scale the first party’s execution to the budget without jeopardizing the quality.

3. Meeting time is one hour starting from the time agreed on previously.

4. All meetings should be booked at least 4 working days in advance, during working hours.

5. Meeting location is the first party’s office in Deir Ghbar.

6. Any delays will be deducted from the 1 hour meeting time.

7. Please remember that this meeting is the only free-of charge meeting. Make sure to re-schedule at least one day in advance to be able to get your complimentary meeting again.

8. If the meeting is re-scheduled or postponed in the same meeting day by the second party the first party might not be able to re-schedule.

9. In This case the next meeting will be subjected to JOD 50 Fee, to be transferred to the bank account  of the first party, one day before the meeting date.


Client Regret Policy (B)

Signing the contract


8. If the first &second party both agree to proceed after the first meeting, both parties will be signing a contract including a preliminary pricing for the event.

9. 50% Down payment of the total amount. To be transferred to the bank account.

10. The second party have the right to change their Mind and get the 50% down payment back after 10 calendar of signing the contract and paying the down-payment.

11. Cancelation After 10 days of signing the contract is still possible, in that case the 50% down-payment will not be refundable.

*this does not apply to events booked before one month or less than the events date.

12. After 10 days of signing the contract a tentative date will booked for the second party’s event.

13. The first party accepts only one event per day, clients who sign first have the priority.

14. Once the contract is signed two meetings are previously booked in advance. Fees are deducted in advance from the payment, if the second party does not commit to attending the meetings on time, or cancels the meeting on the same day. Postponing the meeting should be minimum one day in advance.


Client Regret Policy (C)

After Signing the contract


15. The first party will start scaling ideas to the second parties budget giving  a clearer idea about the final result.

16. more specific ideas about the theme will be shared with the second party.

17. After confirming the second party’s booking , first party will start with the second amendment .

18. After 10 days of signing the contract the down payment will not be refundable.

19. The second party have the right to do 3 rounds of changes. Any extra round will be subjected to JOD 50 extra fee to be paid in advance (covering the act of changing only and not the extra costs of the actual changes).

20. All free rounds of changes should be done before maximum 3 weeks before the events date.

21. Any changes after exceeding 3 weeks before the event, even minimal ones will be subjected to extra fees, to be determined exactly in the request of change for your approval.

Types of changes are subjected to policy number Eight:

a. Removing or adding any service

b. changing the type of service from one form to another under the same name

c. changing the suppliers listed already

d. Other actions that are subjected to extra fees will be clarified before any amendment.


22. The other 50% of the payment should be covered maximum 3 weeks before the events date.

23. The first party will not be responsible for the event's execution, if the full payment is not covered fully in time by the second party.

24. Delays in covering the full payment by maximum 3 weeks before the event, even if it’s one day only, this delay may cause delays or changes of the previously agreed event's specifications.

25. The first party books photographers as suppliers only, as they are not employees at The Atelier. Contracts with photographers and service details to be discussed separately with the photographers themselves. The second party has the right to get the full contact of the photographers to be able to meet in advance and discuss all details.

*Photography fees will not be included in the payment, photography fees will be paid directly to the photographer.

26. Any last minute additions by the second party to be paid in cash before the event, otherwise the first party will not be responsible for any additions.

27. The first party understands that the second party will be having a lot of ideas through this phase. Please do not hesitate to share all the ideas via mail, and the first party will make sure to answer back during the next working day, during work hours.

28. If the first party sends emails during working hours, replies from the second party will most likely to be faster.

29. If the First party is on vacation, the second party will be notified. Email replies will be pending after the vacation time ends.


Client Regret Policy (D)

Post event


26. The First party has the right to use all setup pictures for social media and advertisements.

27. The first party can only use pictures of people in the event, only after the approval of the second party.

*This section does not apply to themed photo-shoots

28. The first party has the full right to use all pictures of the themed photo-shoots. Otherwise a fee of JOD 150 will added to the total price.

Express Services

We understand that you might be in a hurry, and need faster services, The Atelier Express is a service the second party can ask for to make all the procedure faster and get the priority of earlier meetings and earlier amendments all within 48 hours.

*Express Services have extra an extra fee of JOD 50 per service.

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